The 8th Annual Southern California Libertarian Party Conference hosts an exciting lineup of speakers each year that address activism topics of interest in Southern California. This year the topic of tremendous interest is the field effort for the Johnson/Weld 2016 campaign. Many victories were made this last election and activist leaders from the National Campaign, state field leadership and activists on the ground will perform a post-mortem of the campaign from the point of view of the Libertarians who did the good work.

The event is at the fashionable Green Room at Geezer’s in Santa Fe Springs on February 25th, 2017 starting at 11am. Tickets are only $35 for a full day of speakers and lunch. A no-host bar with drink tickets will be available during the event.

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From majestic mountains and forests to gorgeous white sand beaches, from the exotic beauty of our deserts to the fertile expanse of the northern valleys, Los Angeles is as diverse and as wonderous as the world itself.

We the People of this beautiful multi-cultural metropolis, too, are just as marvelous.

In our diversity and for our riches we lead the nation - and the world - in technology, thought, and progress. But for the naive fears of failed generations past, We the People are still segregated, endangered, oppressed and taxed to the bone.

We are suffering in great part because federal interference in local policy directs and supports corrupt systems.

We seek to act as a clarion for a heroes, strong souls with the iron will to climb Mt. Everest, genuinely good people with sensitivity and wisdom, leaders who represent the best of both sides.

We want Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in the White House, and we are willing to work ourselves ragged to put them there.

Los Angeles Loves Johnson is a network of volunteers. If you are like us and are itching to take part in a historic and revolutionary election, if you love your liberty and if you are ready to work hard to tip us over the top: We need you!

Our Los Angeles network of volunteers is very active. We have a volunteer orientation in various parts of the metropolis nearly each week, we do regular events and tabling, phone banking and more. Oh, and you should know, they don't call the Libertarian Party the party party for nothing.

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